Simple solutions to common Apple problems.

Restore From iCloud Backup Explained

During the setup process of a new or freshly restored iOS device, select "Restore from iCloud Backup" and enter your account information. iCloud Backup is a wonderful thing. It helps protect your pictures, videos, text messages, and any other data on your iPhone and...

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How to resolve Siri sending texts to ‘null’

1. Check the contact of the person for any linked contacts without phone numbers. Open up the person's contact and scroll to the bottom. If there are more than one contact that have similar information, your iPhone will link them together. It seems that after iOS 10...

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iPhone 7: How to listen and charge at the same time

Buy the right adapter, case, or dongle to convert the lightning port to the traditional headphone/aux jack and allow simultaneous charging.

iPhone message effects not working in iOS 10? Solved!

Are your iPhone message effects broken? I’m so sorry! No worries, I’ve got the quick fix here. ?

How to setup your Apple ID correctly

Here’s our quick guide on how to get your Apple ID setup correctly. The Apple ID is super confusing and Apple keeps adding more onto it. Hope this solution helps you get it straight! ?

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Why You Shouldn’t Close iPhone Apps

Did you know that if you close iPhone apps it can actually hurt your battery life? I mention it in my guide to solving every battery drain issue for the iPhone, but I thought I'd make it a little more direct in it's own post. You heard me, stop quitting those apps!...

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What to do with a broken iPhone screen

Check your warranty, backup your device, and use Apple for your replacement screen to preserve your warranty and the quality of your iPhone or iPad screen. Need to know what to do with a broken iPhone screen? Here is everything you need to know to get a...

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Background App Refresh Explained in Layman’s Terms

Background App Refresh allows your apps to check for new information in the background in an intelligent and controlled manner. Because of Background App Refresh, apps do not get a blank check to run in the background, but instead are only able to refresh at...

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The Ultimate Guide to Solving iPhone Battery Drain

I worked on the Genius Bar for almost two years, and the most difficult issue to solve was short iPhone battery life. It was extremely difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why someone had iPhone battery drain. I made it my mission to discover the...

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What is Wi-Fi Assist?

Wi-Fi Assist makes your iPhone more aggressive in jumping off of Wi-Fi and onto 4G LTE. There are a few exceptions where Wi-Fi Assist won't work: If you're already data roaming. If the app trying to use it is in the background. Basically, it only works for apps that...

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What To Do When Your iPhone Gets Wet

Uh oh! Your iPhone fell in the pool/lake/ocean/bath/washing machine/sink/toilet! What now? Are all of your photos gone? How do I get a new phone? These are all really important questions. For most people, losing your iPhone for a few days due to water damage is the...

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How to Stop Your iPhone from Vibrating Randomly

Does your iPhone ever vibrate randomly, but when you check it, there is no notification anywhere to be found? This is not a phantom vibration syndrome, and you are not imagining things. The reason this is happening is usually because of Mail notifications. You may...

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iCloud Backup Explained in Layman’s Terms

iCloud Backup is a service that carbon copies of all of your data onto one of Apple's computers every 24 hours. That means all of your data will have a mirror image made every day. It's pretty amazing. Ever wonder why your iPhone or iPad keeps saying, "You haven't...

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