The cheapest way to get a real MacBook charger straight from Apple

The cheapest way to get a real MacBook charger straight from Apple

Make a Genius Bar appointment and take your broken charger and Apple will give you $20 off a new charger.

You’re here because something happened: your MacBook charger got chewed by your cat, dog, child, or couch. It might even be lost.

You’re also here because you don’t want to pony up $80 for a new MacBook charger, and I totally understand that, it’s a steep price for something that we take for granted.

Here’s how you can make $20 by spending a little time to get a new MacBook charger:

1. Make a Genius Bar appointment

Head over to Apple’s support online tool here — Then click on Mac > Mac Accessories > Other Peripherals > Accidental Damage > Bring In for Repair then sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Quick tip: as of Oct 2016 you can no longer book appointments through the Apple Store app directly, it sends you to the same website as above.

You should then be presented with dates and times you can book a Mac repair. 

Be sure to select the Mac option because only the Mac technicians are authorized to replace MacBook chargers. The iPhone technicians will punt you to the Mac queue and you may end up waiting longer.

2. Bring your defunct charger with you to the appointment AND your Mac’s serial number

Apple has a $20 off a new replacement if you go through the Genius bar if you trade in your old, broken charger. That way you end up with a brand new charger.

Be sure to bring your Mac’s serial number in when you have the visit because they link the replacement to your Mac. If you don’t know how to find your serial number, check out Apple’s guide.

Absolutely NEVER buy a non-Apple MacBook charger because Apple has not licensed the MagSafe connector, the magnetized tip that goes on the end of all of the MacBook Air and Pro chargers Apple has made for a really long time.

One Exception:

The 12″ Retina MacBook charger uses USB Type C for the charger and you can easily find a new cable. It’s safe to get a third party USB-C cable, but not the actual charger brick. Get your new charger brick straight from Apple.

Solution for “Account Already Exists” in Mac Mail / OS X El Capitan

Solution for “Account Already Exists” in Mac Mail / OS X El Capitan

Recently in Apple Mail on Mac OS X El Capitan I received a strange error message when trying to add a Charter email account for a client: “Mail account already exists”. I followed the steps that Charter recommends but I could not get the account to add. After some troubleshooting, here’s how I finally solved it.

Before you implement this fix, verify you have the correct email and password by logging in to your email providers website (for Charter, it’s Once you’ve done that, head to the solution below.


  1. Head to the Apple logo in the top left corner  > System Preferences
  2. Select iCloud (third row, first icon)
  3. Sign out of your iCloud account by clicking Sign Out
  4. Re-add your mail account
  5. Sign back into your iCloud account

Why this works

I believe iCloud Keychain causes the problem, which syncs lots of data, including internet accounts, across multiple devices.  The email account in question is somewhere in the iCloud data trying to sync, but it’s stuck in limbo. However, disabling iCloud Keychain by itself does not fix the problem, leaving the only solution to be to sign out altogether.

Mac OS X Versions this affects

This bug affects all versions of Mac OS X El Capitan — 10.11.0, 10.11.1, 10.11.2, 10.11.3, 10.11.4, 10.11.5, and 10.11.6.

If you find that this bug affects other versions of OS X or have a better workaround, please leave a comment below.

Known Mail Providers Affected

  • Comcast
  • Charter